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Cash Management


Our Cash Management service is ideal for business customers who want the ease of disbursing or collecting funds in just a few clicks.  Through the Automated Clearing House, businesses can easily pay their employees or even collect funds from their own customers! 

DB&T Cash Management services offer a variety of convenient and secure components designed to be cost effective for your business.  The following components make up the Cash Management Product.


  • Online Banking

    • View account balances and account activity
    • Transfer funds, make loan payments, enter stop payments, etc.
    • Display Check Images online
  • Online Bill Pay

    • Pay bills through automatic transactions or checks
    • Set up recurring payments
  • ACH Origination

    • Originate and receive electronic transactions through ACH
    • Generate paperless entries for payroll, invoices, recurring payments, etc.
    • Easy on-screen commands
    • Cost effective
  • Wire Transfers

    • Initiate wire transfers to domestic banks

    • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
    • Customer must first enroll with the IRS first (details in disclosure)



Deposit Capture Services


No more trips to the bank! Scan checks for deposit right from your desk using our remote capture machine. You can make multiple deposits to multiple accounts and deposits can be made 24 hours a day. Also, deposited items are saved in system for future research.

Speed up your collection of funds with Remote Capture Services. Contact our office today for more information on the remote capture machine. It can help your business. For more information, please contact our Call Center at 207-563-8121 or toll free at 800-639-8381, or email us at info@damariscottabank.com